Amor De Corazon Stud Earrings

Color:  Black & Beige, Beige & Pink Height: 5.2cm Width: 1.6cm Details: Double Heart Black/Beige Stud Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Casual, Boho Type:  Drop, Stud...
Pinky Love Heart Earring Set Quick View

Pinky Love Heart Earring Set

Color:  Pink + Gold Tone  Width: Heart 5mm/Diamond 4mm/Heart 8mm Details:  Pink, Gold Tone, Rhinestone Earring (3pc set) Style:  Casual, Elegant  Type:  Stud Material: ...
Riley Beaded Earrings Quick View

Riley Beaded Earrings

Color:  Multicolor  Height:  6cm Width:  6cm Details: Round Hand-Beaded Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Boho, Casual, Chic Material:  Beaded  **Please Note:  Exact color may vary due to computer monitor resolutions,...

El Triangulo Stud Earrings

Color:  White, Blue  Height: 1mm Details: Triangle Natural Stone Resin Earrings  Style:  Elegant, Casual Type:  Stud Material:  Plastic, Resin **Please Note:  Exact color may vary due to computer monitor...

Luna Vintage Baroque Earrings

Color:  Blue, Yellow, Pink Height: 2.36in Width: 1.37in Details: Vintage, Baroque, Rhinestone Style:  Vintage, Bohemian Type:  Dangle, Chandelier  Material:  Zinc, Alloy + Rhinestone + Resin **Please Note: ...

Lilly Lou Leopard Statement Earrings

Color:  White + Brown + Black+ Beige Large:  Height: 1.75in  Width: 1.50in Medium:  Height:  1.50in Width:  0.75in Details: Large & Medium Leopard Drop Earrings  Style:  Glamourous, Stunning, Elegant,...
from $10.00
Astros Crystal Tassel Tri Color Earrings Quick View

Astros Crystal Tassel Tri Color Earrings

Color:  Orange, White, Blue Height: 3.5in Width: 1in Details: Astros Crystal Tassel Blue, White and Orange Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Casual, Boho Type:  Drop, Stud Material: ...

The Eleanor Earrings

Color:  Blue Green, Baby Blue, Brown Height: 2 in. Width: 1 in. Details: Blue Green, Blue and Brown Filigree Drop Dangle Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Casual,...

The Siobhán Earrings

Color:  Pink, Blue Green, White Height: 4.5cm Width: 2cm Details: Crystal Red Heart Shape Earrings Style:  Vintage, Casual, Boho,  Type:  Drop Material:  Alloy, Metal...

The Leoni Heart Set Necklace Set

Color:  Pink, Turquoise, Black Chain: 18" Pendant: Height-3in, Width-2in Details: Faux Pink, Turquoise and Black Long Silver-tone Ball Chain Leopard Stone Heart Rhinestone Earring Set  Style:  Vintage,...

The Kehlani Earrings

Color:  Gold Brown, Bold Brown Glitter, White Black Height: 2.5cm Width: 2.0cm Details: Leopard Brown Glitter Gold Tone, Black and White Cow Print Stud...

The Fernanda Earrings

Color:  Teal & White Height: 2 in. Width: 1 in. Details: Teal and White Filigree Drop Dangle Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Casual, Boho Type:  Drop  Material:  Alloy, Gold...
Catalina de Perla Earrings Quick View

Catalina de Perla Earrings

Color:  Black Height: 5.5cm Width: 4.5cm Details: Black Double C Stud Earrings  Style:  Vintage, Elegant  Type:  Drop Dangle, Stud Material:  Alloy, Resin  **Please Note: ...
$15.00 $8.00

Clara de Crystal Earrings

Color:  White, Royal Blue, Black, Champaign Height: 5.9 cm Width: 2.7 cm Details: Gemstone Elegant Earrings  Style:   Glamourous, Stunning, Elegant  Type:  Dangle, Chandelier  Material:  Geometry Inlaid, Gemstone,...
$12.00 $8.00

Wilma Willow Leaf Earrings

Color:  Multicolor, White, Dark Gray Height: 2.44in Width: 1.29in Details:  Geometric, Rhinestone, Willow Leaf Style:  Glamourous, Stunning, Elegant  Type:  Stud, Dangle  Material:  Rhinestone, Alloy, Semi-Precious Stones **Please...

Pendientes Mariposa de Crystal Coloured

Color: rosa, blanco, amarillo Altura: 2 pulgadas Ancho: 1,73 pulgadas Detalles: Mariposa, Diamante de imitación, Perla, Acrílico Estilo: exagerado, glamoroso, elegante Tipo de cadena:...
Karina Pearl Bow Heart Earrings Quick View

Karina Pearl Bow Heart Earrings

Color:  Silver Nude  Height: 2.7in Width: 1.7in Details: Diamond, Pearl Bow, Heart-Shaped Style:  Vintage, Bohemian, Elegant Type:  Stud, Dangle Material:  Artificial Gems, Alloy, Stones, Pearl, Semi-Precious Stones ...

Georgina Earrings

Color:  Black, White, Blue, Green Height: 2.91in Width: 1.81in Details:  Geometric, Rhinestone Style:  Glamourous, Stunning, Vintage Type:  Dangle, Chandelier   Material:  Rhinestone, Crystal + Alloy, Gems Stones,...

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